Latin Prefixes

Etymology #5

Worksheet Description

The “Latin Prefixes” worksheet is a focused educational activity aimed at expanding students’ understanding of English word formation through the study of Latin prefixes. Each question on the worksheet presents a different Latin prefix, and students are required to write down its meaning.

For example, they might explore the prefix “micro” and note that it means “small.” This exercise not only helps to build a robust vocabulary but also enables students to decipher complex words by understanding their components.

By familiarizing themselves with these prefixes, such as “olig,” which indicates “few,” or “ante,” which means “before,” students can begin to recognize patterns in word formation and interpret the meanings of new or complex words. This not only aids in vocabulary acquisition but also in comprehending scientific and technical terms that frequently employ Latin prefixes.

The worksheet is decorated with a playful illustration of a knight, which adds an element of fun to the educational task. Engaging with this worksheet will allow students to gain confidence in their language abilities and foster a deeper appreciation for the history of the English language.