A List Of Words

Etymology #15

Worksheet Description

The “Etymology” worksheet is a structured educational activity designed to guide students through the process of uncovering the history and development of words.

The worksheet requires students to research assigned words, determining their origin, the root from which they are derived, and the meaning of that root. This exploration allows students to trace the transformation of words from their ancient forms to their current usage in the English language, providing insight into the dynamic nature of linguistic evolution.

Each row is dedicated to a different word, ensuring that students systematically approach the task of etymological investigation. The activity not only reinforces vocabulary skills but also encourages a deeper understanding of how words are connected to their historical and linguistic roots.

By completing this worksheet, students enhance their research abilities and gain a greater appreciation for the rich tapestry of the English language. The inclusion of an image of classical columns at the top of the worksheet visually underscores the connection to the classical origins of many English words. This worksheet is an excellent tool for educators to use in teaching the fundamentals of etymology in a clear and organized manner.