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Etymology #13

Worksheet Description

The “Etymology” worksheet is a versatile educational resource designed to guide students in dissecting and understanding the components of English vocabulary.

The worksheet provides a structured framework where students can list a word and then explore various aspects of it: its definition, part of speech, etymology, related words, and use in a sentence. By filling out each section, students delve into the anatomy of the word, gaining insight into how it fits into the language and how its history influences its current meaning and usage.

This worksheet is ideal for building lexical knowledge and etymological understanding. It prompts students to consider not only the meaning of a word but also its origins—whether they are from Latin, Greek, or other languages—and how those origins contribute to its contemporary form and connotations. In the “Related Words” section, students can expand their learning by connecting the primary word to others with similar roots or meanings, thereby broadening their vocabulary network.

This etymology activity is a valuable tool for any language arts curriculum, fostering critical thinking and an appreciation for the depth of the English language.