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Etymology #10

Worksheet Description

This “Etymology” worksheet is an educational activity that challenges students to decode scrambled words, each containing Greek or Latin roots, and then research their etymology and meanings.

The worksheet lists a series of jumbled words for students to unscramble, encouraging them to draw upon their knowledge of word roots and affixes to reconstruct the terms correctly. After unscrambling, the task is to use a dictionary to delve into the history and origin of the word, documenting the etymology alongside the newly discovered word.

The worksheet is designed to not only enhance vocabulary skills but also to deepen the understanding of the history and structure of the English language. It engages students in both a linguistic puzzle and an investigative exercise, promoting critical thinking and research skills.

With a layout that is clear and straightforward, the worksheet provides ample space for students to write the correct words and their corresponding etymological details. An illustration of a bookworm resting on a stack of books adds a charming visual element, emphasizing the theme of learning and the joy of uncovering the stories behind words. This worksheet is a valuable tool for language arts education, offering a hands-on approach to understanding the roots of the words we use every day.