Use A Dictionary

Etymology #1

Worksheet Description

The “Etymology” worksheet is an educational resource designed to deepen students’ understanding of the origins and meanings of words. The activity requires the use of a dictionary to explore the etymology and definition of root words and their related terms.

Students must match each root word with its corresponding meaning and derived words, then articulate how the root contributes to the meaning of each associated word. For instance, they would investigate the root “aster,” which means “star,” and connect it to words like “astronomy” or “asterisk,” explaining how the root word’s meaning is reflected in these derivatives.

The worksheet includes two sets of root words: “aster,” which relates to celestial bodies and stars, and “biblio,” which pertains to books and written works. Students are prompted to match the root words to their correct definitions and derived words, then use critical thinking to describe the connection on the provided lines.

This exercise not only builds vocabulary but also enhances understanding of word formation and linguistic history. An illustration of a character engaged in reading adds a playful touch to the worksheet, emphasizing the theme of study and knowledge. This worksheet is an effective tool for language arts education, promoting analytical thinking and a deeper appreciation for the words we use.