Best Estimate

Best Estimate Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a series of objects with four different length options beside each, and students are instructed to circle the option that they believe represents the best estimate of each object’s length. The objects include a trophy, a tree, a carrot, a beach ball, a chess piece, a book, and a cartoon of a person. Each object has two length estimates in feet and two in inches, varying in numerical value. The task requires students to use their judgment to decide which of the provided estimates is the most accurate for the given object.

The purpose of this worksheet is to reinforce the concept of estimation in the context of measuring length and to familiarize students with the units of measurement used in the United States—feet and inches. It encourages students to apply their understanding of size and proportion in a practical way. The activity also helps students develop a mental benchmark for common objects, which aids in their ability to estimate measurements in real-life situations. Lastly, it serves as a tool for teachers to assess how well students can approximate lengths using standard units of measurement.