Business Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette #9

Worksheet Description

This Email Etiquette worksheet provides a list of fifteen rules tailored for business email communication. Each rule is a specific guideline intended to help individuals write emails that are professional and considerate. The instructions are clear and concise, covering various aspects of the email process, including emotional state when writing, the importance of proofreading, the structure of the email, and the appropriate use of language and features such as emojis, abbreviations, and priority settings.

The worksheet is designed to impart to students the importance of professionalism and clarity in business emails. It teaches them to write with a level head, ensure accuracy in their writing, and maintain a standard format that includes all necessary parts of a professional email. The students learn to be concise and focused in their messaging, use polite and clear language, and avoid common pitfalls like using all caps, which can convey unintended aggression or urgency. Overall, the worksheet aims to equip students with the knowledge to navigate the professional world’s email communication effectively.