Understanding The Rules

Email Etiquette #8

Worksheet Description

This Email Etiquette worksheet consists of three open-ended questions that require students to write down their understanding of email etiquette rules regarding different parts of an email. The questions prompt students to consider what content is appropriate for the subject line, the main body of the email, and the overall process of sending an email. By providing lines for written answers, the worksheet encourages thoughtful responses and reflection on proper email communication practices.

The worksheet is trying to teach students the essential aspects of crafting a professional email. The first question aims to educate students about the importance of a concise and informative subject line. The second question addresses the norms for composing the body of the email, likely focusing on clarity, tone, and format. The third question encourages students to think about the final checks and considerations before hitting send, such as reviewing the recipient list and proofreading the content. This exercise helps students to internalize good email habits and understand the impact of their written communication.