Dos And Donts

Email Etiquette #5

Worksheet Description

The Email Etiquette worksheet presents a series of statements related to best practices in writing and sending emails. Students are tasked with reading each statement and determining whether it is a recommended practice (DO) or not (DON’T) in terms of proper email etiquette. They indicate their choice by circling the appropriate answer. The statements cover a variety of topics, such as emotional responses, proofreading, subject lines, and the use of abbreviations, all designed to provoke thought about the dos and don’ts of email communication.

This worksheet is educating students on the appropriate and professional ways to handle email correspondence. It teaches them to avoid emotional responses, to always proofread their messages, to ensure they use clear subject lines, and to address recipients correctly. By prompting students to consider the use of emoticons, abbreviations, and email features like ALL CAPS and BCC, the worksheet guides them towards understanding the subtleties of digital communication etiquette. The activity aims to foster a sense of responsibility and professionalism when students use email to communicate, especially in formal or workplace settings.