Addressing Your Boss

Email Etiquette #4

Worksheet Description

This Email Etiquette worksheet provides an example of an informal and improperly composed email addressed to a boss. The exercise instructs students to read through the email and identify etiquette mistakes. With blank lines provided for responses, students must list the issues they find within the email, which is written in a casual tone and contains abbreviations and informal language that are generally not suitable for professional correspondence.

The worksheet is attempting to teach students the importance of maintaining a professional tone in work-related emails. It highlights the necessity of using proper language, avoiding slang and unnecessary abbreviations, and remembering to include important details like the subject of the meeting or event in question. The task reinforces the concept that communication with superiors in a work environment should be clear, respectful, and free of casual language that could be deemed unprofessional. Through this activity, students learn to differentiate between casual and professional email styles and the appropriate contexts for each.