Out Sick

Email Etiquette #3

Worksheet Description

This Email Etiquette worksheet presents a scenario where a student named Jane Smith is reaching out to her teacher, Ms. Rogers, after being absent from school due to illness. The worksheet displays an email draft from Jane to Ms. Rogers, which is filled with informal language and texting abbreviations. The task for the student completing the worksheet is to identify the shortcomings in Jane’s email and rewrite it, applying proper email etiquette standards. It provides a practical exercise in recognizing and correcting informal and unprofessional email communication.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the importance of using professional language and correct formatting when writing emails, especially in an academic or professional context. It encourages attention to detail, such as the use of complete sentences, proper punctuation, and appropriate salutations and closings. By rewriting the email, students practice crafting polite and respectful requests and learn to communicate effectively and appropriately with teachers and other authority figures. The exercise also highlights the importance of proofreading before sending any email.