Writing Formally

Email Etiquette #10

Worksheet Description

This Email Etiquette worksheet is structured as a template for students to practice writing a formal email. It outlines the different sections of an email, including the greeting, subject line, opening remarks, content, request for action, closing remarks, and closing. Students are given two scenarios to choose from for the context of their email: requesting an extension for an assignment or requesting a meeting with their teacher. The worksheet instructs students to compose their email following a standard business format, which they will then send to an email address provided by their teacher.

The worksheet is trying to teach students how to construct a formal email in a professional context. It guides them through the process of developing each section of an email, ensuring they understand what information belongs where. By giving them real-world scenarios to write about, the worksheet provides practical experience. Students learn to communicate their needs and requests clearly and respectfully, skills that are essential for professional success.