Identifying Indications

Ellipsis #4

Worksheet Description

This worksheet focuses on teaching the concept of an ellipsis, a set of three dots used in writing to indicate a variety of things such as a pause, hesitation, the passage of time, or an incomplete thought. It provides examples of sentences where the ellipsis could be inserted and asks students to determine the purpose of the ellipsis in each context. Students are tasked with reading sentences and identifying why the ellipsis is used, choosing from options like pause, hesitation, passage of time, or incomplete thought. The worksheet challenges students to understand not just how, but why an ellipsis is used in different situations.

The worksheet aims to educate students on the nuanced uses of the ellipsis beyond shortening quotations. By offering a variety of sentences that demonstrate different contexts for ellipses, the worksheet trains students to discern the appropriate use of ellipsis based on the underlying reason. It also helps students to learn the significance of pacing and timing in writing. The ultimate goal is to enhance the students’ understanding of punctuation as a tool for expressing subtleties in written communication.