JFK’s Inaugural

Ellipsis #3

Worksheet Description

This worksheet introduces the ellipsis, a punctuation mark comprised of three dots, which is employed to indicate the omission of words from a quote without altering its fundamental meaning. The worksheet provides excerpts from John F. Kennedy’s 1962 inaugural address and directs the student to apply ellipses to shorten the quotations. It emphasizes understanding the context and ensuring that the essential message of the quote remains intact despite the omissions. Students are expected to engage with historical text, demonstrating their ability to edit and preserve meaning.

The worksheet is designed to instruct students on the practical application of ellipses in written English, particularly within the context of historical speeches. It aims to enhance the students’ editing skills, enabling them to succinctly convey the core message of a text. The exercises encourage critical thinking about language and the importance of word choice in maintaining the integrity of the original message. Ultimately, the worksheet serves as a tool for improving students’ grammatical precision and their capacity for concise communication.