Swap And Suggest

Editing and Proofreading #14

Worksheet Description

This worksheet focuses on editing at the sentence level, often referred to as line editing, which aims to enhance clarity and style within a text. It provides a set of line editing tasks, such as untangling poorly structured sentences, deleting redundancies, suggesting changes to unnecessary or overused words, and ensuring ideas unfold logically. The instructions guide students to exchange papers with a classmate and make edits based on these criteria, noting suggestions for how the text could be improved. The table included in the worksheet serves as a reference for the types of edits students should consider when reviewing their classmate’s work.

The worksheet is teaching students how to critically engage in line editing, a detailed process of refining written work to improve readability and coherence. It educates students on identifying common issues in sentence construction and word choice that can obscure meaning or disrupt the flow of paragraphs. Through the activity, students learn to apply precision and thoughtfulness to the editing process, skills that are essential for producing clear and effective writing. This peer-editing exercise also fosters collaborative learning and encourages students to consider constructive feedback in the context of revision.