Echoes in Speech

Echoes in Speech Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a practical look at the concept of tautology through the lens of famous quotes. It educates on how tautology, the act of saying the same thing using different words, can sometimes be humorous or even appear foolish, despite being a common slip even among experienced speakers and writers. The sheet is peppered with quotations from well-known figures, each containing an example of tautology for students to identify. The purpose is to teach students to be more aware of tautology in everyday language and to understand its impact on communication.

The aim of this worksheet is to teach students how to spot tautologies in language use, using real-world examples. By underlining the tautological elements within the quotes provided, students engage in active learning that enhances their analytical skills. This exercise helps students learn the subtleties of English expression and the importance of concise language. Ultimately, it encourages them to avoid unnecessary redundancy in their own writing and speaking, making their communication more effective.