Eagle Eyed

Eagle Eyed Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet incorporates a parrot-themed coloring activity to practice addition with one and two-digit numbers. Students are tasked with solving various addition problems labeled on different sections of the parrot illustration. Each solved sum corresponds to a specific color, as indicated by the color code at the top of the page. Once students calculate the sums, they color the parrot’s sections accordingly, blending math practice with an art activity.

The worksheet is designed to strengthen the students’ addition skills, providing a mix of one and two-digit numbers to add. It promotes the development of quick and accurate mental calculation as students work through the sums. By integrating art, the worksheet aims to make the learning process more engaging and enjoyable, helping students associate the fun of coloring with the mastery of addition. The end goal is to facilitate a deeper understanding of addition through a creative and interactive approach.