Document’s Conclusion

Document's Conclusion Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered on the conclusion section of the Declaration of Independence. It contains four questions designed to prompt students to analyze and articulate key aspects of the final part of the document. The questions ask students to identify how the writers of the Declaration describe themselves, the authority they appeal to, what they declare, and the basis of their authority for such a declaration. By answering these questions, students are encouraged to closely read and reflect upon the concluding statements of the Declaration.

The worksheet is teaching students to engage with primary historical documents, specifically the Declaration of Independence, and to understand the significance of its concluding statements. It aims to develop students’ analytical skills by having them identify the signatories’ self-representation, the appeal for support, the core message being declared, and the source of their authority. The activity encourages students to think critically about the foundational principles that the signatories of the Declaration were asserting. Through this exercise, students gain a deeper appreciation for the historical context and the boldness of the actions taken by the Founding Fathers.