Responsible Usage

Digital Media #10

Worksheet Description

The “Using Digital Media Responsibly” worksheet is an educational tool designed to foster responsible digital citizenship among students. It features an interactive activity where students are prompted to draw a picture of themselves using digital media in a responsible manner. This creative task encourages self-reflection on their digital habits and promotes awareness of their online behavior.

Below the drawing space, the worksheet provides lines for students to list four practices they will either adopt or avoid to ensure they are engaging with digital media responsibly. This could include actions like respecting others’ privacy, not sharing personal information, verifying information before sharing, or taking regular breaks from screens to ensure a healthy digital lifestyle. The aim is to guide students to consciously think about their actions online and to recognize the impact of their digital footprint. By completing this exercise, students learn to navigate the complex digital landscape with thoughtfulness and integrity, preparing them to be mindful contributors to the digital world.