Series Of Questions

Dictionary Skills #4

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to test and enhance a student’s dictionary skills, providing a series of questions that require the use of a dictionary to answer. The exercise encourages familiarity with the dictionary’s structure and develops research skills that are vital for academic success. Questions range from finding the starting page of words beginning with a certain letter, to identifying parts of speech, counting definitions, and determining the pronunciation of specific words. It also includes tasks that ask for the word preceding a given entry, the number of syllables in a word, and the guide words on a particular page.

Through this worksheet, students will learn to navigate the dictionary efficiently, understand its organizational system, and appreciate the wealth of information it contains. This exercise not only aids in vocabulary building but also in understanding the nuances of language such as word usage, pronunciation, and grammatical classification. As they complete the worksheet, students will reinforce their ability to independently seek out and understand lexical information, a skill that will serve them in many areas of their educational journey.