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Dictionary Skills #2

Worksheet Description

The Dictionary Skills worksheet is designed to sharpen a student’s ability to alphabetize words, which is a crucial skill for efficient dictionary use. The worksheet presents five lists of words that students are instructed to rearrange in alphabetical order. Each list contains words that start with the same letter, making the task a bit more challenging and thereby encouraging closer attention to the second and third letters for proper sequencing.

List #1 begins with words like ‘gauge’ and extends to ‘gerund,’ blending nouns and a grammatical term. List #2 includes a mix of nouns and an adjective, starting from ‘nickel’ to ‘nerd.’ List #3 offers a variety of nouns such as ‘barrier’ and ‘beast.’ List #4 introduces words from ‘levitate’ to ‘library,’ combining verbs and nouns. The final list, #5, ranges from ‘rage’ to ‘radiate,’ encompassing both nouns and verbs. This task assists students in recognizing patterns in word order and prepares them for using dictionaries and other reference materials more effectively. By mastering the skill of alphabetization, students can quickly locate words and understand their meanings, thus enhancing their vocabulary and reading comprehension.