Left And Right

Dictionary Skills #15

Worksheet Description

The worksheet displayed is a Dictionary Skills activity designed to help students become adept at using a dictionary effectively. The focus of this exercise is on understanding and utilizing guide words, which are crucial for quick and efficient word lookup. Guide words are typically found at the top of dictionary pages, indicating the first and last words on that page.

In the provided worksheet, students are tasked with looking up a list of words in the dictionary. For each entry, they must write down the guide words that appear to the left and the right of the target word on the dictionary page. This task reinforces the concept that words are listed in alphabetical order in a dictionary, and guide words serve as a navigational aid. This exercise not only enhances students’ vocabulary but also sharpens their research skills, as they learn to sift through information systematically. By completing this worksheet, students gain confidence in their ability to independently explore and understand language, an essential skill in their academic growth.