Research The Words

Dictionary Skills #11

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an educational resource aimed at enhancing a student’s ability to use a dictionary effectively. It consists of a series of questions that direct the student to research specific words in the dictionary. For each word, the student is asked to find and note the dictionary guide words, which help locate the word on the page, determine the part of speech to understand the word’s function in a sentence, count the number of syllables for proper pronunciation, and articulate the pronunciation itself. Finally, the student must write down the definition to grasp the word’s meaning.

The purpose of this worksheet is to develop the student’s research skills and their understanding of how words are organized and presented in a dictionary. It encourages close interaction with the dictionary, fostering autonomy in learning and enhancing vocabulary comprehension. This kind of practice is essential for language development and aids in effective communication, reading comprehension, and writing skills. By completing this worksheet, students become more familiar with dictionary usage, a fundamental resource for academic success.