Dickens’ Name Game

Dickens' Name Game Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered on Charles Dickens’ novel “Hard Times,” specifically focusing on the innuendo present in the names of its characters. Students are instructed to identify and write down examples of character names that contain innuendo, explain the meaning behind each name, and consider the literary purpose these names serve within the context of the novel. The activity requires students to engage with the text at a level that goes beyond surface reading, looking at how Dickens’ choice of names adds depth to the narrative and the characters themselves. It is a reflective exercise on how nomenclature in literature can be used to convey additional layers of meaning.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the significance of character names in literature and the use of innuendo as a literary device. By analyzing the names Dickens chose for his characters, students learn to appreciate the subtlety and intent behind such choices. The task also encourages them to think about how names can reflect broader themes and social commentary within a novel. Ultimately, students are guided to understand how an author’s creative decisions contribute to character development and thematic richness.