Finding And Rewriting

Dangling Modifiers #9

Worksheet Description

The “Dangling Modifiers” worksheet presents students with pairs of sentences, where they must identify the sentence containing a dangling modifier. A dangling modifier is a word or phrase that doesn’t clearly attach to the word it’s supposed to modify, often leading to confusion or a humorous misinterpretation. Students are tasked with choosing which sentence in each pair incorrectly uses a modifier and then rewriting that sentence to correct the mistake, ensuring the modifier clearly relates to the intended word or phrase.

This worksheet aims to teach students how to spot and rectify dangling modifiers to improve the clarity and accuracy of their writing. By identifying sentences with this common error, students practice analyzing sentence structure for precision and clarity. The exercise helps students understand the importance of having modifiers that clearly and logically relate to the words they modify. Ultimately, the worksheet enhances students’ editing skills, enabling them to write more coherent and understandable sentences.