Editing Dangling Modifiers

Dangling Modifiers #8

Worksheet Description

The “Dangling Modifiers” worksheet presents students with a list of sentences that contain dangling modifiers—phrases or clauses that do not logically follow from or relate to the subject of the sentence. These faulty modifiers create confusion about what or whom the modifier is describing. Students are instructed to rewrite the sentences in such a way that the modifiers are correctly placed, ensuring that the meaning of the sentence is clear and the modifier is logically connected to the right subject.

This worksheet teaches students to identify and correct dangling modifiers to improve sentence clarity and coherence. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring that modifying phrases and clauses are clearly and logically connected to the words they modify. By completing this exercise, students learn to avoid common mistakes that can make their writing ambiguous or nonsensical. The goal is to help students write more precisely, enhancing their overall communication skills in written English.