Select From The Pair

Dangling Modifiers #6

Worksheet Description

This worksheet titled “Misplaced Modifiers” presents students with pairs of sentences and instructs them to identify the sentence containing a misplaced modifier. These sentences are designed to illustrate how improper placement of words or phrases can result in confusing or illogical statements. By comparing two similar sentences, students are encouraged to analyze the structure and determine which one conveys the intended meaning accurately and which one does not due to the misplacement of modifiers.

The worksheet aims to teach students to identify and correct misplaced modifiers, thereby improving the clarity and precision of their writing. It helps to enhance their understanding of how the placement of modifiers can significantly change the meaning of a sentence. By selecting and then correcting the sentences with misplaced modifiers, students practice revising sentences for better clarity and structure. This exercise also serves to develop their editing skills, an essential component of the writing process.