Identify And Rewrite

Dangling Modifiers #5

Worksheet Description

This worksheet titled “Misplaced Modifiers” provides pairs of sentences where students are asked to identify which sentence contains a misplaced modifier. It challenges students to discern how the placement of descriptive words can change the meaning of the sentence, often leading to humorous or nonsensical interpretations. After selecting the sentences with misplaced modifiers, students are then instructed to rewrite these sentences correctly to eliminate any ambiguity caused by the misplacement.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to spot and correct misplaced modifiers to ensure their writing is clear and unambiguous. It helps students understand that a modifier must be placed directly next to the word it is intended to modify. By rewriting the sentences, students practice how to correctly position modifiers within a sentence to convey the correct meaning. This exercise not only sharpens their grammatical skills but also enhances their attention to detail in sentence construction.