Cut and Paste Events

Cut and Paste Events Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a reading comprehension exercise that involves a short story about a character named Tina and her experience of going shopping with her mother. The story is followed by a cut-and-paste activity where students are required to arrange four events from the story in the correct order. The events are listed at the bottom of the page and include “Tina sat in the cart and read a book,” “They got to the grocery store,” “Tina’s mother picked her up from school,” and “Tina’s mother said they were going shopping.” There are four numbered lines provided for students to paste the events in sequence.

The worksheet is designed to teach students sequencing, an important skill in understanding narrative structure and the chronological order of events within a text. It encourages them to pay attention to detail and to recall the order in which events occur. By arranging the events, students practice identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story, which enhances their ability to summarize and retell narratives. This activity also promotes critical thinking as students must determine the logical progression of events based on context clues from the story.