The Hardest Battle

Cryptograms #9

Worksheet Description

This cryptogram worksheet is a captivating educational tool that combines literary exploration with the challenge of codebreaking. Tasking students with decoding a numerical cipher, the worksheet reveals the thoughts of poet e.e. cummings on what he considered the “hardest battle.”

Each number within the cryptogram corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, as indicated by the key at the top of the page. Students must apply this key to decode the sequence of numbers, transforming them into letters to reconstruct cummings’ statement. This activity not only cultivates decryption skills but also acquaints students with the poignant insights of a prominent literary figure.

The worksheet design is straightforward and conducive to focused work. The alphabet key is clearly displayed, and the numbers are arranged in neat rows, awaiting conversion into cummings’ quoted words. At the bottom, there is a whimsical illustration of a megaphone with paper wings, perhaps symbolizing the power and freedom of expression found in poetry.

Completing the cryptogram allows students to engage directly with the language and ideas of e.e. cummings, while also providing a platform for them to develop their analytical and interpretive skills. This worksheet not only challenges the students’ problem-solving abilities but also encourages an appreciation for the nuanced expressions of human experience through poetry.