Selling Out

Cryptograms #6

Worksheet Description

This student worksheet introduces an engaging cryptogram activity centered around the concept of “selling out,” featuring a quote from Bill Watterson, the creator of the acclaimed “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip.

Students are invited to decipher a series of numbers that represent a scrambled quotation, with each number corresponding to a letter in the alphabet. An alphabet key at the top provides the numerical value for each letter, equipping students with the tools they need to decode the message. As they translate the numbers into letters, they gradually uncover Watterson’s definition of “selling out,” stimulating their decryption abilities and their understanding of the term.

In addition to the cryptographic puzzle, the worksheet prompts students to reflect on the revealed definition by asking whether they agree with Watterson’s perspective. Below the cryptogram, ample space is provided for students to articulate their thoughts and write their own definition of “selling out.” This not only fosters critical thinking but also encourages students to engage with the material on a personal level, thereby deepening their cognitive processing of the activity.

The worksheet is visually supported by an illustration of a scientist mixing substances, symbolizing the experimentation and discovery inherent in both science and the arts, resonating with the creative spirit of Watterson’s work. The design is straightforward and user-friendly, focusing the learner’s attention on both the cryptogram challenge and the subsequent philosophical inquiry.