Happy Holes

Happy Holes Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a pedagogical tool that features six sequences with blank and numbered boxes for students to fill in, emphasizing counting by tens. Each sequence is arranged in a horizontal line with some numbers given and others omitted, indicating where students should write the missing multiples of ten. Decorative elements, such as a flower and a cupcake, are included on the sheet to make the task visually appealing. The aim is for students to discern the pattern of tens and complete the sequences accordingly.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the skill of skip counting by tens, an essential part of elementary number theory and arithmetic. It aids in reinforcing the students’ understanding of numerical order and the base-ten counting system. Through this activity, students become more adept at recognizing number patterns, which is a foundational skill for more advanced mathematics. Additionally, the worksheet serves to build confidence in the students’ own abilities to calculate and understand sequences without physical counting aids.