Dot to Hearts

Dot to Hearts Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a connect-the-dots activity where numbers are arranged in a sequence that requires skip counting by tens to connect them correctly. The numbers are scattered across the page and range from the beginning of the tens sequence up to 500. A cartoon character and heart shapes are also part of the illustration, which will be revealed as a picture once the dots are connected in the correct numerical order. The exercise combines counting practice with a fun and creative drawing activity.

The worksheet is designed to teach students how to skip count by tens up to 500, a skill that extends their understanding of number sequences and the base-ten number system. By connecting the dots in order, students reinforce their ability to count in increments of ten while also enjoying the satisfaction of creating a picture. This activity helps to develop number recognition, sequencing skills, and fine motor control. Additionally, it offers a visual and interactive method for students to engage with numbers beyond the standard written exercises.