Break Into Groups

Break Into Groups Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet challenges students to break down a total number of objects into smaller groups. The objects, which include bananas, shoes, and various other items, are depicted in each square of the worksheet. Students must identify the maximum number indicated in the top left corner, which is ‘5’ in the given example, and then divide each set of objects into groups of that size. After creating these groups, they must determine how many full groups of the maximum number they can form with the objects provided.

The worksheet is teaching students about division and grouping concepts. By dividing objects into smaller sets, they practice creating equal groups and work on basic division skills. This task also helps students to understand remainders since not all objects will necessarily form a complete group of the maximum number. Additionally, the exercise encourages problem-solving and critical thinking, as students must figure out the best way to divide the objects into the specified group size.