Apple Countdown

Apple Countdown Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to guide students through the process of counting backwards from 20. It features apples printed with numbers, as well as several apples with dashed outlines of numbers, indicating where students should trace and fill in the missing numbers. The sequence starts at 20 and counts down with some numbers provided as anchors to assist in the counting process. The aim is for students to recognize the pattern and complete the sequence by tracing over the dashed outlines and writing in the missing numbers on the blank apples.

The worksheet aims to teach students reverse numerical order and improve their number writing skills. By tracing and filling in the missing numbers, it encourages students to understand and memorize the backward counting sequence from 20. This tracing element also assists in developing fine motor skills and number formation. Furthermore, the exercise helps to reinforce the concept of numerical order and the relationship between consecutive numbers.