Mouse to Cheese

Mouse to Cheese Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet depicts a playful scenario where a mouse is trying to reach a piece of cheese by following a path of circles containing numbers. The path is a sequence of numbers that decreases by one with each step towards the cheese, with certain numbers missing along the way. The students’ task is to help the mouse by filling in the missing numbers, effectively counting backwards to complete the sequence. Each circle represents a step on the mouse’s path, and the numbers range from 36 down to 23, with some already filled in to guide the student.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the concept of subtraction and reverse counting in a fun and engaging context. By filling in the missing numbers, students practice decrementing by one, reinforcing their understanding of the numerical order in reverse. This activity also aids in developing number recognition and sequence completion skills. Moreover, the visually appealing format with a storyline motivates students to complete the task to ‘help’ the mouse, making learning interactive and enjoyable.