Down Stream

Down Stream Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is divided into two sections, with the first part focusing on counting backwards. It features sequences of numbers where students must fill in the missing numbers in descending order. The number sequences are presented in a staggered format, with each subsequent number being less than the one before it, and blanks are provided for the students to complete the pattern. The second part of the worksheet includes incomplete addition sentences with a choice of words to correctly complete them, aiming to enhance the students’ vocabulary in addition to their mathematical skills.

The objective of this worksheet is to teach students the concept of numerical order in reverse, enhancing their ability to count backwards from 20 to 1. It also aims to improve their understanding of numerical patterns and sequences. The addition sentences in the second section serve to bolster the students’ arithmetic skills while simultaneously expanding their mathematical language. Furthermore, the variety of tasks helps to maintain engagement and provides a comprehensive learning experience.