Rain, Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away! Worksheet

Worksheet Description

On the left side you will find a colored umbrella.  Copy that color pattern on the umbrella found on the right. The “Rain, Rain Go Away!” worksheet is a color pattern copying activity that features illustrations of a child with two different umbrellas. On one side, the child is shown with colored umbrellas, while on the other side, the umbrellas are uncolored. The students’ task is to observe the colored umbrella pattern on the left and replicate it by coloring the umbrellas on the right to match. This activity combines the enjoyment of coloring with the cognitive challenge of pattern recognition.

The worksheet aims to teach students the skill of pattern replication through the use of colors. It encourages the development of visual discrimination as students must discern the colors of the umbrellas and apply the same colors to the corresponding umbrellas on the opposite side. This exercise also enhances fine motor skills as students color within the lines. Moreover, engaging with this worksheet can aid in reinforcing color identification and the concept of sequencing, which are both essential in early childhood education.