Coding Pattern

Coding Pattern Worksheet

Worksheet Description

Examine the numbers that correspond to the colors.  Code the passwords inside the circles with line sequences. The worksheet is a color-coded number pattern activity. At the top, there is a legend associating numbers 1 through 8 with different colors. Below the legend, there are circles each containing colored dots, with passwords listed underneath them. Students must examine the numbers corresponding to the colors in the legend and then draw lines within each circle to connect the dots in the sequence indicated by the password.

This worksheet teaches students how to follow a legend to decode color-coded information and apply it to create a pattern. The activity helps to develop critical thinking skills as students must match the colors to the correct numbers and then connect the dots in the specified order. It also promotes attention to detail and can enhance fine motor coordination through the precise action of drawing lines. Additionally, this type of coding exercise can introduce basic concepts of cryptography and data representation in a simple and engaging way.