Comprehensive Action Plan

Coping Skills #8

Worksheet Description

The “My Plan to Cope” worksheet is a personal strategy document created to support individuals in managing stress and anxiety. It is structured to help users establish a comprehensive plan that includes identifying a support system, activities to distract from worry, a gratitude list, and a space for affirming positive thoughts. This worksheet aids in the proactive organization of coping mechanisms and resources to enhance mental well-being.

The worksheet is divided into sections, starting with “My Support System,” where users can list the names and phone numbers of trusted individuals they can reach out to during challenging times. The next sections, “Things to Distract Me from Worry” and “My Gratitude List,” provide spaces for users to write down activities that can help divert their attention from stressors and to enumerate things they are thankful for, respectively. The lower section includes a sizable box labeled “Positive Thoughts,” encouraging users to jot down uplifting and constructive affirmations or reflections. By filling out this worksheet, individuals create a personalized roadmap to navigate stress, reinforcing their ability to cope with life’s ups and downs through positive strategies and support networks.