Reducing Resistance

Coping Skills #13

Worksheet Description

The “Coping with Change” worksheet is a self-reflective tool designed to help individuals address their reactions to change. It guides users to identify changes they are resisting and to explore their emotional responses and behaviors related to these changes. By encouraging personal insight into one’s attitudes towards change, the worksheet facilitates the development of healthier coping strategies.

In the first section, users are prompted to articulate what is changing or needs to change in their life that they are resisting, providing an opportunity to acknowledge and confront these issues directly. The next part asks users to describe what resisting change feels like and how they typically express or cope with those feelings, with options to circle behaviors such as pouting/sulking, arguing, or avoiding. There is also space to add any additional behaviors not listed. The worksheet then prompts users to reflect on the results of these behaviors, helping them to see the impact of their actions. Finally, it asks them to consider the potential positive outcomes of the change they are resisting, encouraging a shift in perspective that may lead to a more accepting and proactive approach to life’s transitions. This structured approach aims to transform resistance into resilience, guiding users towards growth and adaptation.