Replacing Negativity

Coping Skills #12

Worksheet Description

The “Coping Skills: Your Words” worksheet is a practical activity designed to help individuals recognize the power of language in shaping their experiences and reactions to stressful situations. It underscores the idea that the words we choose to describe our experiences can either amplify negative feelings or help us adopt a more positive and balanced perspective. This worksheet is aimed at promoting a mindful approach to self-talk, contributing to better emotional management.

On the worksheet, users are presented with a list of negatively connoted words typically associated with stress or adversity, such as “disaster,” “catastrophe,” and “terrible day.” The task is to reframe these words into positive or neutral terms that could lessen the emotional weight of the situation. For example, “disaster” could become “setback,” transforming a seemingly insurmountable problem into something more manageable. The first four items provide examples, and the user is encouraged to complete the list with their own commonly used negative words, creating personalized alternatives that foster resilience. This exercise not only helps in altering the emotional impact of events by changing the narrative but also empowers individuals to consciously choose how they mentally process and verbalize their experiences.