How Is It Used?

Contested Words #5

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a targeted tool for students to explore the concept of contested words in English language usage. Titled “Contested Words,” it guides students through the process of examining certain words that often lead to confusion or debate regarding their correct application in sentences. The instructions at the top of the page clearly direct students to use a reference text to look up each underlined word in a provided sentence and decide if its usage is contested by marking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the space provided.

The worksheet presents a list of sentences such as “Hopefully, John will show up.” and “I literally exploded with rage.”, each containing an underlined word that students need to scrutinize. This activity not only aids in understanding the words themselves but also teaches students how to use resources to validate language use.

Additionally, there’s a section at the bottom prompting students to choose one of the underlined words and elaborate on why its usage may be contested, fostering critical thinking and analysis. The layout of the worksheet is clean, featuring a simple graphic of a lamp—an emblem of learning and enlightenment—and offers ample space for students to write their responses, ensuring a practical and educational exercise in grammar and vocabulary. A discrete logo at the bottom corner denotes the worksheet as part of a curated educational series.