Hexagon Is Gone

Hexagon Is Gone Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a pattern recognition activity designed with a series of hexagons colored in an alternating sequence. Students are presented with rows of three hexagons each, followed by a dashed outline where a hexagon is missing. The task for the students is to identify the color of the missing hexagon that correctly completes the pattern in each row. The patterns are created with a deliberate order of colors that the students need to recognize and replicate to fill in the blank spaces.

The worksheet’s goal is to teach students how to identify sequences and predict the continuation of patterns, which are critical thinking skills important in mathematics and logical reasoning. By engaging with this activity, students practice the cognitive process of pattern recognition, enhancing their ability to notice, interpret, and establish order within sequences. The exercise also assists in reinforcing color recognition and differentiation, important skills for visual learning. Additionally, it encourages attention to detail and concentration as students must focus on the specific attributes of the hexagons to complete the worksheet accurately.