Sorting Challenge

Complete and Simple Subjects #9

Worksheet Description

The “Simple or Complete?” worksheet is a classification activity where students are asked to sort a list of words and phrases into two categories: simple subjects and complete subjects. The list includes both single nouns and descriptive noun phrases. Students must determine whether each item is a simple subject, consisting of just the main noun, or a complete subject, which includes the main noun and its modifiers. Two boxes are provided for students to categorize the terms accordingly.

This worksheet aims to teach students the difference between simple and complete subjects in sentence construction. It helps students recognize that a simple subject contains only the core noun, while a complete subject includes the noun and its descriptors. By sorting the given words and phrases, students practice distinguishing between the essential element of a subject and the additional information that gives more context. This foundational grammatical skill enhances students’ ability to analyze sentence structures and improves their writing by helping them understand how subjects are formed.