Only The Simple

Complete and Simple Subjects #6

Worksheet Description

This Complete and Simple Subjects worksheet is divided into two sections, each designed to reinforce different aspects of sentence structure related to subjects. The first section asks students to rewrite sentences by isolating and using only the simple subject, the main noun or pronoun that the sentence is about. The second section requires students to identify and write down the simple subject from given sentences. Through this approach, the worksheet presents varying levels of difficulty and application regarding the identification of simple subjects.

The worksheet is teaching students to differentiate between the complete subject, which includes all descriptive words, and the simple subject, which is the main word around which the sentence revolves. In the first part, students practice trimming down the sentence to its essential subject component, honing their ability to discern the most crucial part of the sentence’s subject. The second part reinforces their ability to identify the simple subject within the context of a complete sentence. These skills are fundamental to understanding sentence structure and contribute to better reading comprehension and writing proficiency.