On The Line

Complete and Simple Subjects #3

Worksheet Description

The “Complete & Simple Subjects” worksheet is designed to help students identify the parts of a sentence’s subject. It instructs students to underline the complete subject, which includes the simple subject and all the words that modify it, in each given sentence. Additionally, students are tasked with writing the simple subject, which is typically the main noun or pronoun in the complete subject, on the provided line. This exercise involves sentences with a variety of descriptive elements to challenge students’ ability to discern the core subject from its modifiers.

The worksheet educates students on the difference between a sentence’s complete subject and its simple subject. It aims to develop the students’ grammatical skills in breaking down sentences into their constituent parts for better understanding and analysis. Through this activity, students enhance their ability to identify the key elements of sentence construction. Such knowledge is crucial for reading comprehension and for the development of writing competence.