Over 50 Degrees

Over 50 Degrees Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to help students identify temperatures at or above a specific threshold. It presents a series of thermometer readings in Celsius, and the task is to check the box next to each thermometer that shows a temperature of 50°C or more. The thermometers have a range of temperatures displayed, and each is accompanied by a checkbox for students to indicate their response. The activity requires students to carefully examine each thermometer and recognize temperatures that meet or exceed the given criterion.

The goal of this worksheet is to enhance students’ ability to read and understand thermometer measurements accurately. It teaches them to recognize and select temperatures that are at a specific value or higher, in this case, 50°C. This task also helps students to practice critical thinking as they analyze each measurement to determine if it fits the established condition. Additionally, it serves to reinforce the concept of temperature as a numerical value that can be quantitatively assessed and compared.