Story Problems

Story Problems Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a temperature-based educational activity with two distinct parts. The first section presents four thermometers displaying various temperatures in Celsius, which students are asked to write down. The second section provides a series of contextual questions about appropriate temperatures for different scenarios, such as wearing warm clothes or eating ice cream, and students must choose the correct temperature from two options. The worksheet combines reading thermometer values with applying logical reasoning to decide which temperature suits each described situation.

The worksheet’s first part is intended to solidify the student’s ability to accurately read and record temperatures from thermometers. The second part encourages students to apply their understanding of temperature to real-world contexts, enhancing critical thinking. By selecting appropriate temperatures for different activities and clothing choices, students connect weather conditions with daily life choices. This activity aims to develop both the student’s scientific skill in reading instruments and their practical reasoning regarding the relationship between temperature and environment.