Color Thermometers

Color Thermometers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet contains a set of thermometer comparisons where students are asked to apply their knowledge of temperatures. Each pair of thermometers, labeled A and B, is accompanied by instructions to color in the thermometer indicating a higher or lower temperature relative to the other. For example, one instruction asks to color thermometer A to show that it indicates a higher temperature than thermometer B. The worksheet consists of four pairs of thermometers, each pair requiring a different comparison to be colored.

The worksheet is designed to reinforce students’ understanding of temperature comparison by using visual cues from thermometer readings. It teaches students to recognize which of two temperatures is higher or lower, reinforcing the concepts of “more than” and “less than.” This activity also provides an opportunity for students to practice following directions and applying their knowledge in a color-coding task. By engaging in this coloring activity, students can make the abstract concept of temperature comparison more concrete and visually understandable.